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ISBN: 9781911272601


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Everyone A Child Should Know

CLARE HEATH-WHYTE   Hard Cover   Biographies For Kids (Ages 4-7)

“There are loads of Christian biographies around for older children and adults, but almost none for younger children – yet it is never too early to introduce the next generation to some of the heroes of the faith. Here we meet fifty-two Christian men and women from all walks of life, who wanted to live for their “friend Jesus”. There are missionaries and martyrs (although fewer martyrs than you might find in a book for older children!), writers, reformers, politicians, preachers and poets. There are sporty people, arty people, brilliant people and very ordinary people. There are people from hundreds of years ago and people still living today. Some are very well known while some are almost unheard of. Jesus has always had, and always will have, friends in all shapes, sizes and colours, from all different countries and backgrounds. My hope and prayer is that, as you read about these remarkable men and women with your child, you will both realise that anyone who is “Jesus’ friend” can do remarkable things for him – even you!" Publisher

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