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ISBN: 9781424554515


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True You

SUSAN SOHN   Paperback   Women

After hundreds of honest conversations with women from around the world, Susan Sohn has come to understand the pressure women feel to maintain false, glamorized portrayals of themselves. Shame, guilt, and the burden of keeping up with the Jones is blinding women from seeing themselves as God does.

Susan dares to begin a dialogue that matters- one that addresses the unique challenges twenty-first-century women face. True You applies her insight and encourages you to:
- Reject the harmful lies society tells you and the lies you’ve told yourself
- Connect and celebrate with women on the same journey to authenticity
- Embrace pain and vulnerability as you learn to walk in truth
- Get out of your own way and allow freedom to become reality
- Know who you are in Christ

Once we allow ourselves to be seen, known, and loved-just as we are-we become free to be who God created us to be. Find the true you and lead a life of authenticity.

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