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The Chosen Season One DVD

  DVD   TV Series

For the first time ever, the greatest story ever told is being presented as a multi-season show. The Chosen is the #1 crowdfunded media project in entertainment history – a groundbreaking portrayal of the life of Jesus Christ and His disciples. Digging deeper into the backstories and context of the people and events of the Gospels, Season One introduces you to people such as Simon Peter, Nicodemus, Mary Magdalene, Matthew, and of course Jesus in a way never before seen on film. See how Jesus reaches each of these and more as He works His first miracles and embarks on His ministry to change the world. See Him through the eyes of those who met Him.

Approx. 379 minutes.


- I Have Called You By Name
- Shabbat
- Jesus Loves the Little Children
- The Rock on Which it is Built
- Bonus: The Shepherd (Christmas Special)

- The Wedding Gift
- Indescribable Compassion
- Invitations
- I Am He
- Bonus: A Message From The Director

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