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The Garden Deluxe Edition

KARI JOBE   CD   Worship

Grammy nominated Kari Jobe is currently the premiere female worship leader in Christian music. Coming off her last live album, Kari Jobe has returned to the studio to record her new album, full of brand new worship anthems for the church and for personal reflection. Finding inspiration from life’s joys and hardships, Kari leans into the firm foundation of Christ through it all. Kari’s foundation for this album is to continue to lead people into worship of our Saviour.

This Deluxe edition features 3 extra songs.


1. The Garden
2. Let Your Glory Fall
3. Heal Our Land
4. Lover Of My Soul
5. Speak To Me
6. Fall Afresh
7. I Will Sing
8. Miracles
9. Closer To Your Heart
10. Oh The Power
11. Cause Of Christ
12. Here As In Heaven (Deluxe Only)
13. Come Alive (Deluxe Only)
14. On The Throne (Deluxe Only)

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