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Every Mile Mattered

NICOLE NORDEMAN   CD   Female Artist

Every Mile Mattered is a collection of songs taking a reflective look at her life’s path to becoming the woman and Christ-follower she is today. From the leading single “Every Mile Mattered,” to a vulnerable introspective track titled “Dear Me,” this album is all about the journey, the ups and downs of life, and not looking back with regret, but with thankfulness that God was there at every turn.

“In the hands of Jesus, every one of those miles brought me to right now. Nothing wasted. Every mile mattered.”

Nichole Nordeman is one of Christian music’s most respected singer/songwriters, with four No. 1 songs and seven Top 5 radio singles, including hits such as “Holy,” “Legacy” and “Brave.”


1 – Every Mile Mattered
2 – You’re Here
3 – Dear Me
4 – No Longer
5 – Lean
6 – Hush, Hush
7 – Listen To Your Life
8 – Beautiful Day
9 – Sound Of Surviving
10 – Anywhere We Are
11 – Slow Down

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