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Only Jesus

CASTING CROWNS   CD   Contemporary

Of the title track and concept of the album, ‘Only Jesus’, lead singer Mark Hall says: “There’s much talk these days about legacy. How do we want to be remembered? The more I think it about it the more I’m reminded that anything in me that’s worth remembering are the things that Jesus has worked on, and is still working on in me. On my own I have nothing to offer the world, but Jesus does – so don’t mind me. Jesus is the only name to remember.”

1 – The Bridge
2 – Nobody
3 – Only Jesus
4 – In The Hands Of The Potter
5 – Even When You’re Running
6 – One Awkward Moment
7 – Awaken Me
8 – One More Song For You
9 – Start Right Here
10 – The Change In Me
11 – Love Moved First
12 – Home

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